Explaining our Cookie Policy

To enhance the user experience on our website, we, along with many other online platforms, use small data files called cookies. Your device stores these cookies when you visit our site.

Understanding the Role of Cookies

What are cookies? Simply put, a cookie is a tiny text file your computer or mobile device saves when you browse a website. Its main functions are diverse. It lets the website remember specific actions you’ve taken, such as setting a language preference or adding items to a shopping cart. Cookies also retain your unique preferences, so you don’t reset them with each visit. Moreover, they are vital for website analytics, as they assist site owners in gauging user engagement by tallying visitor numbers.

Cookies significantly enhance the browsing experience on most websites. When enabled, they make websites more adaptive to individual user preferences. Still, users can control their cookie settings. You have the option to block or delete them. However, changing cookie settings can disrupt some site features, possibly affecting the user experience.

We prioritise user privacy. In standard operations, cookies neither capture nor store personal identification data. We use them only for the reasons mentioned above, ensuring clarity and trust.

Managing Your Cookie Settings

Modern web browsers come with advanced cookie management features. You can delete specific cookies, block third-party ones, or clear all cookies when you shut the browser. The goal is to let you manage your online presence.

For detailed information on cookies and best practices, please visit www.aboutcookies.org. This platform provides valuable insights, helping users navigate the online world with confidence.