Exe-squared HealthTECH


More than the sum of the parts


We’ve developed an integrated ‘application services ecosystem’ – dedicated to care & health providers and professionals who support the wellbeing of people within the community. People living in their own homes or in specialist residential accommodation and also embracing their families. 

These sophisticated services are brought to market via our partners – a number of whom own-label them as part of a value-added solution.

Our ecosystem is delivered from the cloud as a modular platform, with tailored services-access by providers, purchasers and professionals:

NHS discharge management: pharmacies : general practices

Care Givers & Provider Management

Local Government Social Services


Customers & Families

Advanced Health Care Solutions

The Exe-Squared HealthTech platform incorporates the principles of :

Care Relationship Management
6-Smartphone Communication

We also integrate IOT devices and communications enabling round the clock monitoring and response, enhancing care-giver support.

Single Customer truth

A key principle underpinning all the modules of the platform, is what we term ‘a single customer truth’. In other words, irrespective of the applications functionality each group needs, we’re delivering tailored access to their information from a single source.
Changes to information are immediately available to all, subject to credentials.

Universal Access

The ‘ecosystem’ concept is enhanced, as users can access their own services via smartphone, tablet, notebook, laptop and so on. We’ve deployed a sophisticated front-end User Interface (UI) using a Progressive Web Application (PWA). This is similar to the UI deployed by Air BnB, Spotify, Ali Baba etc.


As part of the Exe-Squared group, Exe-Squared HealthTECH has a very experienced team. We’re ready to address any client’s technology requirements, including integrations with other systems. We have a published healthcare development roadmap available on request and can assume the role of or extend your own developers.

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