General Questions

Where is your development team based?

Our development team is based within our offices near Exeter Airport. We predominantly work together in the same office with only limited time working from home - we find that being together allows us to learn, share and collaborate more effectively.

Where are your clients based?

We have clients across the UK and even a few in Europe. We are happy to work via online meetings, and we're also quite relaxed travelling to where ever you are based.

What size projects will you undertake?

Our smallest projects are generally around £1,000. However, our largest over the past few years have run into several hundreds of thousands.  There really is no 'target project size'.

Where is your data stored?

If this question is for GDPR purposes, then you will be pleased to hear that we are fully GDPR compliant. If it's just curiosity, then we use a major cloud provider with an ISO 27001 compliant server farm near Reading. We also use Amazon S3 for backup and data storage, and have a small amount of on site storage purely for development use.

Are you expensive?

One of the benefits of being based in Devon is that our cost base is tiny compared to London based companies. This means we nearly always undercut 'up country' competitors. We charge a fair (rather than top end) rate for our services.

Can I get a job working for you?

Quite possibly! You'll need to have PHP development experience and also fit in with the 'can do' mentality of our team. We enjoy challenges so this isn't the place for an easy life. We also love working with apprentices - we use Exeter College and Baltic Training as our training partners if this is something that interests you.

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