The Power of Friday Afternoon Show and Tell Sessions at Exe Squared

At Exe Squared, we believe in the continuous growth and development of our team. For instance, one of the ways we foster this culture of learning and collaboration is through our Friday afternoon “Show and Tell” sessions.

These sessions have become a cornerstone of our workweek, and here’s why.

Firstly, Celebrating Achievements – After a week of hard work, what better way to head into the weekend than by celebrating our accomplishments? These sessions provide a platform for team members to showcase their projects, big or small, and receive well-deserved recognition.

Next, Fostering Collaboration – By sharing what we’re working on, we often discover synergies between projects. Often, team members offer fresh solutions to others’ challenges.

Continuous Learning – The tech industry is ever-evolving. Our Show and Tell sessions are a fantastic way for team members to share new tools, technologies, or methodologies they’ve explored, ensuring we all stay at the cutting edge.

Additionally, Building Transparency – Transparency is key to trust. By openly sharing our projects and progress, we ensure that everyone, from apprentice to Director, is aligned with our company’s goals and direction.

Boosting Morale – Sharing our work energises and unites the team. It boosts morale, strengthens team bonds, and reminds us of the collective mission we’re all working towards.

Encouraging Feedback – Constructive feedback is crucial for growth. Presenting in a safe and supportive environment allows for real-time feedback, helping us refine our projects and grow as professionals.

Not to forget, Highlighting Diverse Skill Sets – Exe Squared boasts a diverse team with a wide range of skills. Show and Tell sessions are a testament to this diversity, as we get to see the myriad talents and expertise our colleagues bring to the table.

In conclusion, our Friday afternoon Show and Tell sessions are more than just a company ritual. They reflect our values, commitment, and belief in collaboration. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood on a Friday afternoon, we invite you to join us.

Experience first-hand the vibrant energy and passion that defines Exe Squared.

Let us know your thoughts and if you have similar practices in place.

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