Bespoke Laravel Development

Laravel is a modern, robust, feature-rich and open source PHP framework for rapid web development and is used largely to provide structure and business logic for web applications.


What Is Laravel?

Web development frameworks provide the backbone for building a website’s functionalities. These include how the website responds to user requests, organises and processes data throughout the system. While hundreds of these frameworks exist, many of them are built around older development and programming models and generally result in developers being forced to reshape their thinking and processes to fit the framework. This leads to compromises and workarounds which are detrimental to time, cost, and long-term maintenance of the system.

Laravel has been celebrated as a modern framework and gained enormous popularity among developers. It gives them the tools they really love to use, liberating them to create rich and amazing websites. This is accomplished by providing a lot of functionality common to most projects out-of-the-box, using expressive and concise syntax, and providing features previously seen as too complex or advanced in an easily accessible way.

Laravel’s advanced features allow developers to set their creative minds on tackling the business problems at hand. They use the latest technologies and paradigms rather than having to re-write the same code over and over for every new project or forcing compromises in their initial vision.


Why Use Laravel?

The unprecedented momentum of this framework has spawned tens of thousands of related projects to extend the framework with even more functionality and integrations. This allows us to leverage tried-and-tested code to deliver solutions quicker. This therefore translates to big cost savings for our clients.

Because Laravel is the most modern framework available, your project will be using the best technologies for the given task. It makes code scalable, so that any future requirements can be implemented easily.


How We Use Laravel

Here at Exe Squared, we prefer an API-first approach to project development. This means that we build every project as an API that will support whatever front-ends the client requires (such as a website, a mobile app, or just an API for 3rd parties). This “separation of concerns” between the API backend and the user-facing frontend, as we call it, has many benefits:

  • Faster, more parallel development
  • Build the API once, use for multiple frontends
  • Easier to add functionality later on
  • Easier to specify exactly what the application does
  • Cleaner and more robust code

Laravel slides into this new paradigm very nicely since it is a perfect framework for building API-first projects. Furthermore, we have developed our own code to extend Laravel and improve the speed of development for API projects even further, making it our first choice for all new custom solutions.


Our Laravel Web Development Services


Our digital strategists work with you to draw your project requirements and determine what frameworks will best respond to your needs. They’ll then work with our development team to implement your development plan.


Using Laravel, our PHP developers work with our strategists and project managers to deliver backend systems, tailoring them to your organisation’s needs.


Is your existing Laravel project not providing the best outcome for your organisation? Are you working with another development agency and they haven’t delivered on their promise? Get in touch with our team today. A lot of our clients are glad they choose us to rescue their project and turn its outcomes around.


With our Agile Innovation Packages, we assign hours of work every month towards the implementation new features, ongoing improvements and consulting work to make sure your business is reaching its goals.

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