Mobile Application Development

You need to be able to access your company data from wherever you are and on what ever device you choose to use. This is where mobile application development comes in.

We develop native Android and iOS Apps (we are registered Google and Apple developers) as well as applications to run on low powered PCs used in Kiosks and interactive signs. These are typically built as Windows or Linux (Raspberry Pi ) applications. For highly specialised remote sensor applications we use ESP32s.

In recent years we have developed particular expertise at building PWAs (Progressive Web Apps). These are a type of App that is based on a website, but can function as an App when used on a mobile device or Tablet. When viewed on a computer they behave as a normal website. This means we can build a single solution which can then be used everywhere!  The end result is a more rapid development, less cost and easier maintenance.

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In-depth analysis, design and documentation  



Solution development and deployment 



Ongoing development for future requirements 



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