Lisbon Airport Payment Kiosk

Advanced Lisbon Airport kiosk goes live!
At Exe Squared Ltd, we successfully implemented software solutions at various UK airports and played a pivotal role in streamlining critical data transfers from remote devices directly into CRM platforms. Lisbon Airport recognised our expertise and entrusted us to craft a state-of-the-art .NET C# application for remote management. We’ve made this advanced kiosk operational!

Moreover, our kiosk features an interactive touchscreen, an integrated card payment system, and a high-speed thermal printer.

We strategically placed the kiosk in the airport’s bustling fast-track lane. It integrates seamlessly with multiple web service APIs and the airport’s CRM, delivering secure payment processing and real-time payment tracking.

We’re proud to announce, after months of development and testing, the kiosk goes live today for public use. 

Read more on our PROJECTS page.

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