Did you know that nearly half of the world's airports are familiar with less than 5% of their passenger base? This lack of insight translates into missed opportunities and the anonymity of those who walk through your terminals. In collaboration with our long term partner Rezcomm, we've pioneered a cutting-edge data platform already trusted by over 30 airports globally.


What Sets Rezcomm's Platform Apart?

360-Degree View of Your Operation: Our platform amalgamates data from multiple sources—be it airport sales or on-the-ground data collection like WiFi sign-ups—into one centralized hub. Simply log in and gain a bird's-eye view of your entire airport's metrics.


Intelligent Projections: Using historical data, special event dates, and other external variables, our system can forecast your booking numbers, not just for months but right down to a single day. This enables you to prepare, adapt, and maximize operational efficiency.


Automated, Custom Reports: Ditch the manual labour of generating reports. Our platform lets you build in-depth reports that can be automatically emailed or securely uploaded via SFTP at your scheduled times.


Real-Time Data Accessibility: Need data on the fly? Our robust API framework offers seamless integration with external systems, ensuring you have live data whenever you need it.


Extensibility: The Rezcomm portal is designed to easily connect with external APIs and ingest data from various common sources, making it a truly flexible solution.


We didn't stop there. To further augment Rezcomm's customer engagement strategy, we've developed a dedicated Airport Booking Kiosk. Pair this with our comprehensive email marketing and communication toolkit that syncs perfectly with your reporting dashboard, and you’ve got yourself an unbeatable suite of tools to enhance your airport's operational effectiveness.

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