Introducing the newest members of our Exe Squared team!

First up is Ben, one of two recent recruits to Exe Squared!

Ben joins us as a Software Developer and says,
“I have had an interest in IT for the last two decades and started a computer science degree three years ago due to my passion for the field and my desire to learn.”

Interesting Fact #1: Ben built his first computer at the age of 12 and spent most of his early life tinkering with technology.

Interesting Fact #2: Ben’s previous career was as an arborist, so he is well used to working under pressure having specialised in aerial rigging and the use of mobile cranes.

The second new software developer to join our team this month is Scott!

Scott says, “Once I finished my A-Levels I focused solely on getting into the software development field as I could see it would work well for my interests and skills.”

Interesting Fact #1: Scott was scouted by 3 professional football teams in his youth but now finds watching football stressful!

Interesting Fact #2: Scott started programming when he was 11 years old and immediately fell in love with it. As a logical person he loves to apply logic to solve problems!

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