Congratulations to Exe Squared client, Ad-MOTO, on partnership with Deliveroo!
Exe Squared Ltd eagerly shares the news regarding our client, Ad-MOTO. As a frontrunner in the world of innovative advertising solutions, Ad-MOTO are embarking on an industry-defining journey. They’ve announced an exciting partnership with Deliveroo, the highly regarded food delivery service, promising to redefine the digital advertising landscape like never before.

In this trailblazing endeavour, they will transform 200 e-scooters into vibrant mobile advertising displays, bringing advertisements to life on the streets in a completely fresh and engaging manner.

Our collaboration with Ad-MOTO allowed Exe Squared to push the boundaries of software development and IoT hardware further than ever before. We demonstrated our ability to innovate and deliver top-tier, end-to-end solutions – a promise we make to every client. This has been made possible through our dedication to research and development.

Here’s an insight into our role in this game-changing project with Ad-MOTO:

  • Developed a comprehensive server-side Laravel Application encompassing real-time dashboards, effective client management, and flexible advertising scheduling.
  • Designed and 3D printed custom casings for Raspberry Pi4, peripheral HDMI ports, GPS hat, and power management circuits, showcasing our IoT expertise.
  • Cutting-edge facial recognition software linked to cameras for comprehensive audience engagement data.
  • Utilising Bluetooth BLE technology to provide accurate estimates of audience size.
  • Seamless remote data logging and near real-time schedule retrieval via our robust JSON REST API.
  • Continuous remote device monitoring, access, and updates to ensure optimal performance.

Here’s to the future of digital advertising, revolutionised!

Read more on Ad MOTO here.

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