Introducing Connor – Our Newest Apprentice Software Developer

In the dynamic world of software development, fresh talent is the lifeblood that drives innovation and growth. Exe Squared is proud to introduce our newest team member, Connor, who has joined the ranks as an Apprentice Software Developer.

Connor’s journey into the realm of software development is both inspiring and commendable. Many young aspirants struggle between academics and practical experience, but Connor chose clearly. Initially contemplating a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, he recognised the invaluable experience that an apprenticeship could offer. This realisation led him to Exe Squared, a decision that seems destined in retrospect.

During his interview, Connor immediately felt a sense of belonging. “Exe Squared’s team was welcoming, making it feel collaborative, not just an interview,” he said. This camaraderie and team spirit are emblematic of the company’s culture, where every member is valued and nurtured.

Connor’s A-levels in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics showcase his academic strength. These strong foundational skills, combined with his passion and drive, make him a promising addition to the team. The company is eager to see the innovative solutions and fresh perspectives he will bring to the table.

Outside the world of codes and algorithms, Connor has a lighter side. An avid gamer, he shares this passion with many of his colleagues at Exe Squared. It’s these shared interests and hobbies that foster deeper connections and teamwork within the company.

As Connor embarks on this new chapter with Exe Squared Ltd., the entire team extends a warm welcome. His journey reflects the company’s dedication to nurturing talent and promoting growth.

Join us in celebrating Connor’s arrival and looking forward to the many achievements that undoubtedly lie ahead.

You can meet the rest of our team on our About Us page.

Learn more about the Apprenticeship Scheme Connor is following via Baltic Apprenticeships.

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