Elevate Your Advertising with Ad-MOTO's Innovative Solutions: A Partnership Forged in Expertise

Introducing Ad-MOTO, a pioneering AdTech company that's redefining last-mile delivery with a fleet of electric vehicles equipped for mobile advertising. Utilizing an IoT-focused approach, Ad-MOTO delivers geo-located adverts with real-time tracking capabilities, carving out a unique niche in the burgeoning electric vehicle market.


Why We Believe in Ad-MOTO

We're captivated not only by Ad-MOTO's technology but also by their progressive stance in the electric vehicle arena.


Our Unique Value: A One-Stop Solution

Ad-MOTO chose to partner with us because we're one of the few UK-based companies capable of providing a full-stack technology solution. From designing and 3D-printing hardware enclosures, advising on hardware selection, and developing the software deployed on the bikes, to creating a comprehensive web-based management portal and billing system, we cover all bases. This made us a natural fit for Ad-MOTO's ambitious vision.


Key Aspects of Our Collaboration

1. Audience Metrics: We employ facial recognition software linked to cameras and Bluetooth BLE technology to provide reliable audience size estimates.

2. Hardware Design: Our team has designed 3D-printed battery enclosures for 30-60V batteries as well as robust housing for Raspberry Pi4 units and additional hardware components.

3. API and Cloud Infrastructure: Our custom-built JSON REST API ensures smooth remote connectivity, all hosted on a secure AWS environment.

4. Software and Portal: We've implemented a Laravel-based application featuring real-time dashboards, along with capabilities for remote device monitoring and updates.

For the latest updates on our collaborative milestones with Ad-MOTO, we invite you to visit our NEWS page.

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