Streamlining Air Vent Maintenance for Fast Food Outlets: A Technologically Advanced, Cost-Effective Solution with Probionate.


The Challenge

Ensuring that air vents in fast-food restaurants are clean often involves the use of enzymes. But how can you verify that the dispensing pump is functioning correctly? Or determine when the enzyme needs replenishing? The conventional approach involves costly site visits, requiring engineers to travel extensively.


Our Innovative Solution

We were enlisted by Probionate to craft a more efficient strategy. Here’s how we transformed their operational efficiency:


Smart Monitoring: We implemented an inexpensive ESP32 microprocessor with 4G connectivity. Attached to electronic scales, this device precisely weighs the enzyme product.


Motor Status: Utilising a hall sensor, we could monitor the motor's magnetic field to confirm not only if it was in operation but also the speed at which it was turning.


Cloud-Based Dashboard: A custom dashboard was developed to display real-time data, connected via an API to the ESP32 device.


Specialist Connectivity: We inserted a specialist SIM into the ESP32, optimised for IoT and network-agnostic. this has the ability to network hop, ensuring the strongest possible signal.


Hardware Enclosure: Using our 3D printer, we crafted a robust enclosure. Due to placement constraints within client premises, we included a high-gain 4G aerial and extended cable, enabling underground placement without sacrificing 4G connectivity.


Risk Mitigation: While Wi-Fi was an option, it was considered too risky due to potential changes in credentials. Hence, we opted for a 4G solution.


The Outcome

Our system enables real-time, centralised monitoring of all air vent systems across the UK. It also analyses usage data to predict when the enzyme will require replenishment, substantially cutting down on operational costs.


About Probionate

Probionate is leading the charge in eco-friendly maintenance solutions by employing technology to harness the power of nature. Their product range includes positive bacteria, enzymes, and plant-based cleaning agents, offering an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice for their clients.

Completed27 June 2019

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