Blue Horizon allow members of the public to easily order and receive blood tests. The process was completely manual - we were asked to develop a fully automated solution. 


Our primary goal was to revolutionize the process of ordering blood tests by transitioning from a manual system to an automated solution, allowing in house staff to focus more time on customer service. This included creating a lab request on behalf of the purchaser, efficiently delivering results once available from the laboratory, and notifications to patient and inhouse staff throughout each orders journey through the system.

To achieve this, we employed a two-fold approach:
Customized vTiger CRM: We integrated a tailored vTiger CRM to streamline the management of orders originating from Shopify sites via webhooks. This CRM system effectively handled notifications to both customers and staff, ensuring seamless communication throughout the process.

Laravel Solution: We developed a Laravel-based solution to enhance both the patient, and staff experience. This included a patient webform that allowed for the allocation of tests to different kits, each assigned to a potentially unique patient. In addition, the Laravel solution facilitated automated tasks, such as integration with the shipping company and laboratory systems.

Furthermore, we created a Laravel portal to provide a comprehensive overview of all lab requests within the system. This portal allowed staff to interact with and modify lab requests as necessary, offering enhanced control and flexibility.

Throughout the project, we faced evolving objectives, which, though challenging, led us to develop a deep understanding of Blue Horizon's business, ensuring a tailored and effective solution.

ClientBlue Horizon Blood Tests
CompletedOctober 2023

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