Video produced by the hardware manufacturer, Partteam/OEMKiosks.

Understanding the premium that passengers place on their time, particularly in an airport setting, ANA Airports of Portugal recognised an opportunity to optimise the passenger experience. In collaboration with their strategic partner Rezcomm, they engaged our services to develop an innovative kiosk solution, initially introduced at Lisbon International Airport and subsequently expanded across their major terminals.


We procured the required hardware—kiosk casing, computer, card reader, and thermal printers—from Partteam, a renowned Portuguese company specialising in this field. Upon successful delivery, we initiated the development phase.


In partnership with ANA and Rezcomm, we engineered a Windows-based software application to streamline the ticket purchasing process, thereby allowing passengers to bypass traditional queues. Notably, the application is designed with built-in constraints to prevent overloading the fast-track system, is fully compliant with Portuguese tax legislation and is multilingual.

Moreover, the software integrates seamlessly with ANA's existing data management and reporting system, also developed by our team, to provide real-time analytics on sales performance.


The outcome has been twofold: an enhanced passenger experience and a significant new revenue channel for ANA. The success of this initiative initially at Lisbon Airport was such that the kiosk solution has been rolled out to other airports in ANA's network.


Recently, we have augmented the system with real-time monitoring capabilities. This advancement enables ANA to maintain operational excellence by facilitating immediate ordering of essential supplies, like printer paper, and ensuring the integrity of all external system connections.


This project underscores the efficacy of strategic collaborations in leveraging technology to deliver measurable improvements in customer experience and operational performance.

Problems Solved

Remote management. Additional Revenue. Customer Satisfaction


Windows 10, Visual C#, Rest API, E Commerce, Point of Sale, Printing, Security, Remote Monitoring, IoT, Kiosk


Shipping a Kiosk to and from Portugal! 

Remote access to the Kiosk in a live and busy environment

Portuguese tax Systems (WEO Invoicing)

Cleaners unplugging the kiosk!

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