Transforming Homecare Management: A Comprehensive, User-Friendly System Tailored for Caregivers


The Challenge

A homecare provider reached out to us, seeking an enhanced method of managing their dedicated team of homecare workers. These professionals provide invaluable services, ranging from long-term in-home care to post-hospital recovery support. The provider needed an effective way to centralise essential care information, such as medication schedules, care plans, dietary requirements, and allergies. Additionally, they required a seamless method to log this information and flag any issues that might require immediate attention.


Our Innovative Solution

1. User-Centric Design: Understanding the critical nature of the task at hand, we developed a bespoke Care Management System, complemented by an easy-to-navigate mobile and tablet app. The app was designed to be intuitive, requiring minimal training.


2. Linguistic Considerations: Many users of the system don't speak English as their first language. Therefore, the interface was created with simplicity and multilingual accessibility in mind.


3. Real-Time Logging and Alerts: Caregivers can effortlessly log medication given and other essential care details. Should any issues arise, the system is programmed to send immediate alerts, ensuring swift resolution.


4. Integrated Communication: The solution also had to connect with a ticket management system and a phone system capable of creating tickets and storing messages in a unified management platform.


5. Robust Security: Data security was a top priority. All information is stored in an ISO 27001 compliant data centre based in the UK, with backups in another UK-based facility for added peace of mind.


The Outcome

Our customised solution revolutionises the way homecare providers manage their teams, offering a one-stop platform that covers every aspect of in-home caregiving. With real-time data logging, automatic alerts, and an interface that caters to users regardless of their linguistic background, we've delivered a system that prioritises both efficiency and quality of care.

CompletedSeptmeber 2023

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