Empowering WCR's Field Staff: A Bespoke Mobile and CRM Solution for Streamlined Operations



WCR had a distinct aim: to create a user-friendly app enabling their on-site staff to effortlessly access and upload vital information concerning the roofing jobs they're working on. To address this requirement, we implemented a bespoke solution based on the vTiger CRM platform, facilitating seamless data management and real-time connectivity.



We tailored standard CRM modules and fields to align with WCR's unique operational needs. With this customised CRM system as the foundation, we began development on the mobile app. The app offers numerous features designed to streamline on-site work:


Document Access: Staff can readily view essential documents right from the app.


Form Submission: The app allows workers to fill out and email forms directly, making data capture instantaneous.


Image Uploads: Team members can capture and upload pictures of the work in progress, enhancing project visibility.


On-the-Spot Health & Safety Training: The app doubles as a training tool, allowing immediate health and safety updates. The CRM system automatically records participation, captures signatures, and issues certificates—keeping training records both current and comprehensive.

As an added bonus, while developing this solution, we also crafted a specialised app designed to accurately measure a roof's pitch. This tool incorporates various functionalities such as calibration adjustments for phone covers, location tracking, image capture, and email capabilities.


With these tailored solutions, WCR's field staff now have the tools they need for more efficient and compliant operations

ClientWestern Counties Roofing

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